Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 20 2013 Brewerton New York

We are at Winter Harbor, a marine storage and repair facility in Brewerton New York.  We crossed Lake Oneida into a westerly wind.  For us that meant head on.   Not uncomfortable but not flat seas either.  We had one brief cloudburst too.  Brewerton is actually part of the Canal at the other end of the lake.  It was a nice change not to have to go through locks all day.

And yes we are at the fuel dock again although I suspect we'll be moving soon.  We'll be seeing the canvas repair guy tomorrow (Sunday) and then Monday find out when we can be hauled out to check out an odd vibration that's been reoccurring with increasing intensity over the last few days.  Luckily we have a spare set of props.  I think we may have dinged them running through all the debris in the Canal the other day.

 Took the dinghy to a local bar (Castaways) this evening and met an interesting waitress who's an epidemiology student at USC.  She was interesting,  The rum and coke not so much.

You can see where we have been so far on our map of where we have been

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